About us

RAMKRIPA AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the leading /largest manufacturers and suppliers of highly purified “INVERT SUGAR SYRUP” in the country. Founded in October 2007 by Mr. Rajinder Kumar Arora with invert sugar as a major product Ramkripa has ventured into diverse category of products like Gourmet syrups, Honey, Stevia Leaves, Murabbas(Fruit preserves),Indian Dhaga Mishri(Hard Candy) and Caramel colors of all classes. We also have state of the art packaging and bottling unit with the capacity of bottling more than 20 metric tonnes of flavored  syrups and squashes on 3rd party basis. We have a warehouse located in Delhi which ensures connectivity to all the major cities across India.

About US

Our Vision

Ramkripa Agro Food Private Limited is involved in business activities in diversified areas
Invert Sugar Syrup and Caramel. As per the company has core fundamental of “we value
relationship”. Our dedicated and committed team of skilled and efficient workforce, with
the help of our state-of-the-art techniques, fulfills your orders maintaining international
levels of hygiene and purity. Further, our products are quality tested for taste and
contamination and are thus ready to be used across the world in food products of all

Our Mission

To Provide Highest Quality of Inverted Sugars and Caramel Colors to distilleries,bakeries and gourmet syrup industries by meeting stringent quality norms worldwide.